Sport centre

About the sport centre

The "Bosanski-Resort" project offers an incredible variety of sports activities for your guests.

Children, young people and sports lovers will not miss out on the huge range of activities on offer.

In the planning is a sports centre, which will provide the guests with a wide range of sports including tennis, squash and football.

We have considered an extra area for the equestrian sports as well as an Aqua park.

Also the lovers of winter sports will not miss out.

The "Bosanski-Resort" project provides a ski school for children and beginners.

The ski park is designed to entertain your guests as well as provide the highest safety standards.

Safety first; especially for the smallest of your guests!

The surrounding area around Breza offers excellent opportunities for winter sports and the famous ski resorts of Jahorina and Bjelasnica are approximately only 55km from Breza and easily accessible via the expressway.

The nearby capital Sarajevo was even the venue for the XIV. Olympic Winter Games in 1984. Your guests will find an outstanding range of services for sporting activities, both in the summer and winter season.